5th gen iPad and the Logitech Slim Folio’s batteries

Fresh out of their packaging, new CR2032 batteries for this keyboard measure about 3.3V with no load other than the voltmeter. The keyboard requires two batteries wired in parallel.

My experience is that when the batteries’ no-load voltage drops to 3.0V, the keyboard’s bluetooth connection becomes unreliable and drops out completely when no-load voltage reaches 2.98V

A person with more leisure time would consider fabricating a contraption to measure the under-load voltage. This would probably be more meaningful. That same person might also consider fabricating an adapter for two AA batteries for at-home use.

What I actually want is a folio-like keyboard/case for this 5th generation iPad model A1822 that has a rechargeable battery and maybe even backlighting. The ones I’ve found so far have received iffy-to-terrible reviews.

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